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Mythologically, Hercules battled Hydra.
President Trump battles a real monster, the Cabal.

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The story is not about a Russian conspiracy - that's a "false news" diversion. The CABAL is the great scandal of America that includes involvement in the murder (July 16, 2016) of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer, who apparently provided emails to Wikileaks that revealed the real corruption of the 2016 election.

Another head on the monster has reared up: Lois Learner, former Director of Exemption for IRS, says she is now afraid to testify about her misconduct toward the Tea Party members. Obviously, she does not want to publicly admit her bad deeds and the identity of those who used the IRS for political purposes.

Voter Poll - Jan. 2017: According to Fox News, a majority of voters, 84 percent, are at least somewhat concerned fake news is "hurting the country." That includes 61 percent who are "very" worried and another 23 percent who are "somewhat" concerned." Has it gotten a lot worse since January?

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Comments to "It's not a show; it's a fight." - May 18, 2017

Tim / California Babylon has fallen , fallen , fallen, down!

Bruce / Tennessee Praying for our President and our country...God's kingdom come, His will be done. Keep up the good work ...

Dana / Ohio So true! I'm definitely praying for him.

Henry / California The Lord said "Dance with the one what brung ya!" - Prayer got us the election, and now violent prayer is the only thing that can carry us through!
C.W. / Tennessee ...we are at war, it's inside our own Government.

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