Evangelicals Chose Trump

According to Christainity Today, white evangelicals made up 1 in 4 of all voters in the 2016 election and polls reveal that 81% of them voted for candidate Donald Trump. Other demographics of voters reveal his support from Republican men (90%), Republican women (89%), and conservatives (81%).

"In my opinion (James Robinson writes: "Does God care about America's future?), Mr. Trump is receiving wisdom only God can provide. The Lord freely offers it to anyone willing to hear, seek and heed. I think Mr. Trump is hearing, and I believe he is diligently seeking to heed what every American must know: America cannot be great without God."

Ending War on Religious Liberty

President Trump chose the National Day of Prayer as the time to promote his administration's commitment to religious freedom. It is hoped that Federal agencies will take to heart the order's sweeping directives to "vigorously enforce Federal law's robust protections for religious freedom," safeguard everyone's right "to exercise religion and participate fully in civil life," and "protect the freedom of persons and organizations to engage in religious and political speech."

Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas said President Trump's executive order of May 4th ends a "60-year-old governmental war" on religious liberty. Jeffress said the document is another reason the former New York businessman is the "most faith-friendly president in U.S. history."

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